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5 Ways to Indirectly Ask for a Date

Do you find it difficult to ask for a date directly? There is another way! Make asking for a date easier, by being indirect and covert with your requests. Read more here…

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Is Your Personality Making You More or Less Physically Attractive?

Have you ever wanted to be more physically attractive? The solution could be a personality change, not a gym membership or makeover. Read on and find out how your personality can make you appear more beautiful or handsome! Read more … Continue reading

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Make Them Love You by Taking (Not Giving)

Dating advice often says to give lavish gifts and do favors to win love. But, does giving really work? Or, is taking actually more persuasive and attractive? Find out! Read more here…

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How Do You Find a Date or Sexual Partner? Just Ask!

How do you get a date or even find a hot hook-up partner? Does it require special dating advice, charm, or personality? Do you need to be beautiful, handsome, or have on just the right outfit? For sure, these things … Continue reading

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Dating Conversation for Long-Term Plans or One-Night Stands

Conveying the meaning of a date can be difficult. But, interpretations of romantic situations can be influenced. Learn how to get your date thinking along the lines of love or lust. Read more here…

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SPICE Up Your Approach

Asking someone out is never easy. But, recent research in “Split-Second Persuasion” can help. Learn how to spice up your approach, stand out from the pack, be more persuasive, and have a better chance of getting the date you want. … Continue reading

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