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Are Pick-Up Tactics Sexy or Sexist?

Debate abounds about pick-up techniques. Do they work? Are they sexist? Now, research is starting to take a look. Read more here…

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Are Men and Women Afraid to Date?

Does fear prevent dating behavior? Fear is often used to explain why someone doesn’t ask you out, or rebuffs relationship advances. But, there are other, more persuasive, explanations too. Read more here…

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5 Ways Coffee Can Help You Fall in Love

Next time you have a date, especially a first date, think of the coffee shop. It can help you connect with a partner, fall in love, and be persuasive too! Learn how. Read more here…

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Building a Connection with a Date or Mate

Have you ever experienced a time when you just couldn’t connect with your date, lover, partner, or spouse? Maybe you felt that they didn’t understand you, or you couldn’t see eye to eye?

These failed connections can weaken the relationships you have (or lessen the possibility of getting new partners that you don’t yet have). To love, to persuade, to relate, requires that you first establish a connection. Luckily, there are ways of connecting… Continue reading

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Dealing with Rejection Part 2: Saying No to Others

It can be difficult to turn down a date request from someone else. Here is some advice to help make it easier. Read more here…

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