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How Gratitude Influences Loving Behavior

Sometimes, the most important behaviors in dating and relationships are the small ones. Little expressions or gestures can often be the ones that make all the difference. Among these little gestures, the most important is gratitude. Indeed, appreciating and being appreciated make the relationship world go around.

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Commitment Techniques of the Millionaire Matchmaker

Have you ever dated someone who just wouldn’t commit? Believe it or not, there are ways of influencing promises of monogamy and even marriage. In fact, some matchmakers seem to be using them. You can too! Read more here…

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Why Dating Often Fails and How You Can Succeed!

Do you ever feel like dating is confusing, frustrating, or “going nowhere”? The reason is that you may be missing some important steps! Read on to learn them. Read more here…

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Why People Say Yes to Sex!

Sexual desire is motivated by many things, from love and emotional expression, to lust, insecurity, and jealousy. Learn to see and influence the reasons for your partner’s sexual interest. Do they love you? Do they want you? Are they just … Continue reading

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