Dr. Jeremy Nicholson: The Attraction Doctor

Dr. Jeremy Nicholson: The Attraction Doctor

Hello. My name is Dr. Jeremy Nicholson. I am a Doctor of Social and Personality Psychology, with a research and writing focus on influence, persuasion, dating, and relationships. I also hold Master’s degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Social Work. I currently live in Boston, Mass.

Since 2001, I have worked in education, research, and training. I have also taught at the University at Albany and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In addition, I have applied my unique education and experience to research, service development, training, and implementation.

On this site, I apply my education and skills as a dating and relationship consultant. I use my knowledge and expertise to help individuals obtain the social lives they desire. My advice works for both men and women, of all ages and sexual orientations, with goals ranging from short-term, passionate romance to long-term, satisfying marriage.

About The Blog

Here you will find information on dating techniques, relationship advice, communication skills, social influence, persuasion, self-esteem, social dynamics, goal-setting, attraction, courtship, sexuality, confidence, and much more.

As you read above, “The Attraction Doctor” is more than a cute title. I am really a Doctor of Social and Personality Psychology (Ph.D.). Therefore, the information I present is well-grounded in scientific theory and research. Also, my perspective is often different from the self-help, dating guru, relationship advice, girl rules, seduction community, or pick-up artists that you might know. Give it a try though, it could be just the perspective you’re trying to find.

My Story

Historically, I expended a lot of effort in my own personal search for love and companionship. I worked hard looking for people. I went on countless dates. I got entangled in many relationships of various types and intensities. I took my lumps and broken hearts. I made my mistakes as well. It was not an easy process.

If you are reading this blog, then you can probably relate to some or all of this story. I’m far from unique. Although the dates, faces, and situational specifics change from person to person, we all have difficulty dating and relating somewhere along the way.

Like so many others, my story might have ended there too. It could have ended trapped in the frustration of an unsatisfying dating cycle. I might have given up and settled. But, I had one major difference from many other people…

During my own dating and relationship struggles, I was also working my way through a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, then a Master’s degree and Doctorate in Psychology. I was literally surrounded by research, information, and professional experts on the very problems I was facing. I was on my way to BECOMING one of those experts. So, I could not just settle for the same “not knowing” as everyone else. I was supposed to know how dating and relationships worked!

With that realization, I resolved to find my solutions. I resolved to find answers to how I could have a satisfying love life. The blog, services, and products I provide are a distillation of those answers. They are the culmination of my professional education, as well as countless hours of review and application of the scientific research. They are the wisdom and experience I gained from meeting literally thousands of potential romantic partners, hundreds of first dates, and numerous relationships. Finally, they are a perspective, a way of seeing the world, that I grew into on my journey.

I decided to write this blog because I believe other people can benefit from this perspective. It can provide a new way of seeing the world. A way of seeing that is more positive, hopeful, and kinder to yourself. A way out of the unsatisfying cycle of dating and into a better place. A way to find the love and satisfaction I now have in my life.

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