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Touch Part 2: How to influence and Persuade with Touch

Ever wonder why your date or mate is disagreeable? Perhaps they are missing a little influential physical contact. Learn to touch, nuzzle, and cuddle your way to persuasive relationship success! Read more here…

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Touch Part 1: How to Flirt and Attract with Touch

Ever wonder why a relationship goes nowhere or fizzles out? Perhaps it was missing a little attractive physical contact. Learn to touch, nuzzle, and cuddle your way to attractiveness! Read more here…

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Stopping a Partner’s Bad Behavior

When a partner behaves badly, it is often difficult to know how to react. Should you ignore the behavior? Punish them? Scream and yell? Sometimes, nothing seems to work.

Psychology does offer helpful solutions to the problem though. There are ways to respectfully influence and eliminate a partner’s bad behavior. Read on to learn them… Continue reading

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How Gratitude Influences Loving Behavior

Sometimes, the most important behaviors in dating and relationships are the small ones. Little expressions or gestures can often be the ones that make all the difference. Among these little gestures, the most important is gratitude. Indeed, appreciating and being appreciated make the relationship world go around.

Read on and learn how gratitude can help your love life too! Continue reading

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Commitment Techniques of the Millionaire Matchmaker

Have you ever dated someone who just wouldn’t commit? Believe it or not, there are ways of influencing promises of monogamy and even marriage. In fact, some matchmakers seem to be using them. You can too! Read more here…

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Building a Connection with a Date or Mate

Have you ever experienced a time when you just couldn’t connect with your date, lover, partner, or spouse? Maybe you felt that they didn’t understand you, or you couldn’t see eye to eye?

These failed connections can weaken the relationships you have (or lessen the possibility of getting new partners that you don’t yet have). To love, to persuade, to relate, requires that you first establish a connection. Luckily, there are ways of connecting… Continue reading

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Dating and Relationships as a Social Exchange

Some people believe you can find and grow love by being selfless. Their relationship advice is to give to others, be what they want, and they will love you back. Others believe the opposite. They feel that a good lover … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Unconditional Love?

What is unconditional love? How does it work in a relationship? Can you have both? Read on to understand how to structure and manage your own relationship. Read more here…

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Rewarding Good Behavior: How To Give Your Partner A Cookie

Often, people are quick to blame others when relationships go sour. Sometimes they forget what a big impact they have on dates and partners. Fortunately, there is a positive and proactive way of stopping problems before they occur.

All it takes is a “cookie”… Continue reading

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Should You Forgive Your Romantic Partner?

When a partner hurts you, will your forgiveness persuade them to change? Or, would providing consequence for their actions motivate their behavior more effectively? Find out which approach works better to encourage them to treat you right. Read more here…

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